Building Automated Reminders for our Video Consultancy

In the past, we have looked at how we can simply set up a Video-based consultancy business using Setmore, Insightly and Gruveo.

One of the things we want our bookers to do is perform some pre-videocall activity, such as a check that they can access the site, ask them make a payment, or maybe fill out some information about themselves.

We then added a manual step to ask the client to do some stuff via TinyReminder.

The good news is that TinyReminder now have a Zapier integration, so when we have a new contract created, as well as adding them to our CRM system, Insightly,

It is currently in Beta, and working really well, so no reason to think this will change when they release fully.

As with other Zapier integrations, create a new Zap. Select Setmore, and set up the same Trigger as we did for Insightly.

Then connect your TinyReminder account.

Authorise Zapier to wrangle TinyReminder on your behalf.

And pull in the Name/Email from TinyReminder, and ask it to trigger our Video Consultancy request for this email address.

So when your new client comes to your call, they have been nicely nagged to be fully prepared.