Building a Sports Club Registration system with #nocode - Part 2 Membership System

Many sports clubs run on paper and lots of it.

And with rugby clubs, a scribbled down email address on a rainy Sunday in England isn't the most durable medium.

With this nocode build, you can save time and annoyance by putting your registrations online. And all without needing to be a coder!

In this second part of the build, we are going to take our Club Registration Form, which we built with Google Forms, and add some automation.

Not only will this save you TIME it will also make the club look very professional with just a little bit of set up.

The first part of the build is here

Ok, so we have our form, which is great, but other than record entries it doesn't do a great deal. We can get them into a spreadsheet, but we all know that running a membership database on a spreadsheet is only marginally better than on soggy paper.

Before we start, we need to tell our Google Form to store the entries in a Google Sheet. Google Sheets are like online Excel Spreadsheet. Only free !

So head back to Google Forms and select the form that we created in Part 1.

Click on "Responses" and then the Green Sheets Icon to "Create Spreadsheet".

Now click on "Create" to link the Form to a Google Sheet. You can close the Browser tab that appears when you do this, we don't need to touch the spreadsheet.

Next we are going to create somewhere to manage our signed-up members. For this, I am going to recommend as a way to manage people. Insightly is an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which sounds a bit work-y and complex. But don't worry, it is easy to use and importantly ... Free !

So head to the site and sign yourself up for an account.

If you have set up a new Gmail account for your club, you can now email everyone straight from insightly.

Bear in mind that while Gmail is very handy for a few hundred contacts, once you start getting a bit bigger you can have issues with mass mailing. At this stage, you might want to consider something like MailChimp, which integrates directly into insightly.

We are now going to "glue" Google Forms and Insightly together, and for this, we are going to use a tool called Zapier.

Zapier is very cool technology. And easy to use, but it is without a doubt technology. It can look initially overwhelming , there are a lot of things you can do. But let's walk through the steps.

Zapier is simply a way of saying "When THIS happens, Do THIS" to your various web applications. Without code.

Whoah..... he said "Web Application" what is that all about? OK, a "Web App" is just a way of talking about those websites with which you can interact. Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Dropbox, Toodledo - they are all "Web Apps".

Web Apps, as well as having a handy web page for us humans to use, have a way for programmers to get their code to talk to other programmers code. These are called Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs for short. Zapier links together all these APIs without you needing to be a coder.

So sign up to Zapier (it is Free) and let's get glueing.

Firstly, let's make every new form entry in our Google Sheet copy automatically over to our Membership system.

Click on "Make a Zap" at the top of the Zapier page. Zaps work on triggers and actions. When happens do .

Our "Trigger" in this case is a Google Form Entry. So search for Google Forms in "Choose a Trigger App".

Then select "New Response in Spreadsheet" and click "Save and Continue".

You now need to tell Zapier where your Google Form is, so you need to Select your Google Account. Click on "Connect a New Account" and you will be asked to confirm with the Google sign up. Now click on "Test" and hopefully everything is set up.

Now select the Spreadsheet name that you created above, it should be the same as the name of your form with a "(Responses)" afterwards if you used Google's sugegsted name.

Then select the "Form responses" Worksheet.

Click "Continue" and you will then have to test that Zapier can access the data. So go back to your form, click the Eye symbol at the to Preview your form, and add some data.

Then in Zapier click "Fetch and Continue" to test it all out.

Hopefully, that should all work out OK, so click "Continue".

We will now set up the Action side of the Zap. So search for Insightly and select.

Now choose "Create Contact" and the "Save and Continue". Then on the next page "Connect a New Account" and you will signin to Insightly. Then click on the"test" to make sure it is working.

Now we need to tell Insightly where the name and numbers are coming from. So click on the icon on the right of the "First Name" box.

You will then see the fields you set up in the form, so find your first name and select that. Then do the same with Surname, Email and Phone.

When you are done Click "Continue" at the bottom of the long list. And give your new Zap a name.

And click the toggle to make it Live.

Now, you can go back to your Form, and add a new entry. You will shortly see in your Zapier dashboard that the Zap worked, and in Insightly you should have a new Contact.

From Insightly you can now organise your members, send them emails, set up todos (maybe to chase subsrciptions or more details) or anything else to manage your club.

Next time we will send our new contacts a message to notify them they are all set up.