Building an Onboarding Process for your Club

Thinking again about our club registration system, and how to reduce the administration and time taken, we will look at how to build a system that allows us to manage the process

We might need a signed form to be sent in; we will want our subscription paying, maybe we need to get a shirt size.

So what we need is some simple, yet flexible, workflow system.


Trello is deceptively simple; it is an electronic "card" system. But the flexibility means you can set it up as you want it.

And the important thing about Trello - it links with Zapier that we have used before so that we can link it in with other parts of the process.

So sign up for Trello (it is free in the basic form, like many things that we use).

Trello is made up of "Boards", "Cards" and "Lists" (the columns that your cards can go in). So we are going to set up a new Board first. Then add some Columns, one for each of the tasks we need to do.

Here I have got some steps, from checking the form to waiting for payment, to sending out a shirt when they have paid.

Now, we could add cards manually to this board, but Trello links to Zapier - so let's automate and save time.

Head over to and create a new Zap. Trigger it from the Google Form again, just like we did in the previous build.

Now we are going to choose Trello from the list of Actions.

You will need to connect your new Trello Account by signing in.

Now we set up the Card to be added to the First "New Registrations" list. I have named the card with our newbie's name and surname. And then I have asked Zapier to put all the details (the "content" field) into the description.

Then when a new entry is made on our form, it will appear in our list.

A couple of fancy additions to this build ...

  1. You can set up a Zapier email or SMS (with Twilio) to yourself when new registrations appear. So your are prompted to do something. If you have a Zap paid plan, you can even set up a

You could also set up a Zapier trigger when the workflow is complete. For this, you need to set up a Trello trigger, but select the "show less common options" link.

And then choose "Card Moved to List".

So this will trigger when the card is moved to "Done".

Maybe to send an email or SMS? To do this, you will need to do something a bit clever, as the card won't have the email address readily available.

If you have a paid Zapier plan, you can use a multi-step Zap, and simply add in an Action from the Zapier Formatted, and use the "Extract Email Address" Transform on the card description.

If you want to do it on the basic plan, then we can cheat a little, and modify our Google Form to Trello zap to store the email address from the form in Trello's Custom Label field.

Then use that as the "To" field in the email.

Enjoy building with #nocode.