Building on the Video Consultancy

A few weeks ago we described how you could build a video-based consultancy business, and get it up and running quickly and cheaply. So now some ideas about expanding that service.

One thing that I have been asked is "Why not just use Skype/Facetime/Hangouts". Well, Gruveo makes the process somewhat more anonymous for the provider, as well as the Booker of course. You are not giving your Mobile number out.

And we also have some activities we want our bookers to perform, Ok we want them to pay us, but maybe we want them to fill in a form as well.

Let's try to create a short workflow to get this all sorted.

This bit of technology is pretty new, like only a few weeks at the time of writing.

Put simply, you !Tiny Reminder nags people for you!

So let;s sign up to Tiny Reminder and get going.

Once signed up, we can create a new Project. And in the form, we will have a couple of "To Do" check boxes.

The schedule we can keep the same. And then we can add recipients each time

Zapier integration is coming to Tiny Reminder, so it is manual for now. But once it is integrated, this is going to be an even more powerful tool.