Why build stuff with #nocode ?

It wasn't that long ago when you would pay someone to build you a fairly simple website. Or you would learn some HTML and crack on with it yourself.

Along came WordPress, and made it all a lot simpler. And TypePad and Bloggr meant you could have a blog up and running in minutes.

Now tools like Instapage mean you can get a wonderful looking website up in minutes too. With Ghost (where we are hosted) blogs can look wonderful, and you can have an eCommerce site up and running, including all the payment stuff, pretty quickly.

Many of these tools offer plugins or integrations, as websites rarely stand on their own now. Stripe integration to take payments, SMS integration for authorisation, email addresses on forms can be sent to emailer lists, automated posts to Facebook.

All of this without you having to write any code.

The limits of what you can build without having to either hire someone to write code, or learning it yourself are constantly being pushed back.

Learning to code is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged, but building things without code has great rewards in itself.

This blog looks at the limits of what you can build with just a browser and some web tools.